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  • Cooking Italian pasta Fleur Alpine ORGANIC

    We suggest to cook pasta for dinner together with children - it's very easy! Watch the video with the sound but be careful - you will be humming this song for a long time! 1) Pour pasta into boiling water at the rate of: 1 liter of water per every 100 g of pasta 2) Cook over high heat for 8-9 minutes. Drain and don`t rinse the pasta! 3) The main Italian secret: add Fleur Alpine Extra Virgin ORGANIC baby olive oil - it will give it a unique taste! Cook real Italian pasta "al-dente" and enjoy! Video by blogger Sasha Skroban

  • Production of Fleur Alpine ORGANIC biscuits

    Let's take a look at the "behind-the-scenes" of the production of Fleur Alpine ORGANIC biscuits? :)
    You will see how your favorite delicacy is packed in bright boxes and goes from fabulous Belgium to get to our little ones and their parents!

  • Harmony in details. Baby Olive Oil

    Vegetable oil is part of baby diet while introducing weaning food. Extra virgin olive oil is most useful. Its fatty composition is very similar to mother's milk, suits baby perfectly and well absorbed. Olive oil is a source of unsaturated fatty acids: oleic acid, omega-6 and omega-3. Furthermore, olive oil contains natural antioxidants, promotes bones mineralization and reduces the risk of obesity.

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