Fleur Alpine


he sun rises every day to heat the earth and give it a piece of its warmth. The wind easily moves both threatening and gentle clouds. This mighty energy is majestic and creative. Since ancient times a beautiful and gentle Alpine Flower, whose name in French sounds like Fleur Alpine, lives in the Alpine mountains. This amazing flower symbolizes the energy of the sun and wind, the purity of the alpine nature.


It is important to protect the baby from the harmful effects of the environment in an industrial society and give him all the best. With the understanding of this, the history of our brand began in 2008, when a team of enthusiasts gathered to create products for you that would fully satisfy the need of modern mom in an ecologically clean, truly useful and tasty baby food. That’s how Fleur Alpine ORGANIC baby food line was born. Since then, we have taken care of our brand and are protecting it just as you care for your little ones.

We sincerely believe that the child is the best taster, so the last word always remains with him, and his choice always finds real support from the mother. Right choice of Fleur Alpine ORGANIC baby food is confirmed by a smile of a healthy and happy baby, which is transmitted to a happy mother.

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